A co2 BB pistol with vintage style and modern thinking.

Today I share my first airgun blog. Thank you so much for visiting. Along the way, you’ll learn more about me, but understand foremost that you’ll always get my honest opinion. I will do my best to keep to good testing methods, but I’m not in a laboratory nor am a qualified scientist. Any conclusions, opinions, complaints, kudos, etc., are anecdotal at best. Your results and level of joy may vary.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the Winchester Model 11 BB gun!


  • .177 caliber BB with smooth-bore barrel.
  • CO2 semi-automatic blow-back action.
  • Rated at 400+ FPS.
  • Blade front and fixed open rear sights.
  • 16-shot BB magazine.
  • Mostly metal, plastic grips and clip.

First of all, if your interest leans more toward power and accuracy, then, IMO, you probably shouldn’t buy a BB gun. If you want killing power in an air-pistol, with the accuracy to see it through, start here.

If instead you’re on the hunt for a enjoyable replica with realistic action, weight and feel, then you are reading about a very fine example.

I didn’t bother with measuring FPS/FPE etc., as it doesn’t really matter as much in this case to me as simply “How does it feel and is it a good shooter?”

So far, I’ve found it to be a fun paper-puncher and can-plinker. Should give me many years of use. When not in use, please store all guns safely. I recommend the matching carry-case if you don’t have your setup together yet.

You’ll notice right after tearing it out of the clam-shell packaging, it’s heft is satisfying. As always, read the manual first. Only takes a few minutes, might save you lots of time (and angst) later.

Soon you’ll discover it fires with a solid painless “thunk” to your palm that will bring a smile to your face. Even in my hands that fit best in an XL glove, there’s no pinky hanging. It’s a bit thinner than I’d prefer, but it’s a very fine more universal size. If you’ve ever held a 1911, this will be familiar.

The Winchester Model 11 retails around $100US.
Matching hard-shell case costs about $15. Often the two will be paired in a sale.
Don't forget targets, BBs and CO2!

Although this BB gun has been around for about a decade, it’s my first experience with this clever co2 loading system. It’s even a little scary at first, like “am I going to break this?” or worse, lose an eye? Nah, it’s a cinch. Pun intended. Just keep the muzzle in a safe direction and the co2 gas releasing away from anything important. You’re done in seconds, fast cartridge load/unload. Even has a satisfying feel to it.

The CO2 system on the Model 11 allows for quick install/remove without screwing around.

Speaking of loading, let’s get to the magazine system next. I think the weakest point of the entire gun. Now, when a cheap $30 BB pistol (i.e. GP20) can have a metal “clip”, why not this fine gun? Doesn’t take away much, but minus 1 bullseye for that one. Be sure to pick up spares.

Holds 16 rounds. Fills easily and the retaining tab/notch for loading doesn’t spring out of place as many others. Be sure to get in the habit of pointing the base extension toward the target, and it offers a bit of pinky support.

The grip-safety, although spring-loaded and has motion, it does nothing. Just for looks.

Metal trigger, but cannot be adjusted. Feels good, shouldn’t need it.

Barrel is slightly recessed, lacks some authenticity but looks good.


  • All metal construction. Nothing like some authentic weight to add realism.
  • Love that CO2 install system. That’s some genius design there. I mean, who doesn’t hate the screw-in method?
  • Nice on-frame lettering, not white or painted on. Keeps true to an authentic look.
  • Made in the USA


  • Plastic magazine. All that weight and expense, what were they thinking cutting that corner?
  • “Clip” release? Even if I don’t, people are going to nit-pick that. Put “Mag” there and save a letter.
  • Safety requires two steps to disable. Kinda redundant. Which leads to the…
  • The non-functioning grip-safety.
  • The CO2 install system. I’m concerned with small/weak hands, and the risk of slipping.

In summary: Do I like it? Would I buy it again? Sure would. In spite of it’s quirks, one of the best co2 pistol BB guns I’ve ever used. Already own it and seeking confirmation-bias? Nailed it! Go ahead and get it, or another, you won’t be disappointed. #winchesterairrifles

Thank you for hanging out with me for this review. More articles forthcoming, please visit again!

#PDXFrank, Oregon


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